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"After witnessing a friend's successes first hand at the Wellness Zone, and as I was running out of excuses, I started my own fitness journey in February 2016, amidst my BUSY life. I had been too busy working, momming, caregiving, and certainly didn't have the time for anything extra, like fitness and healthy eating or anything for me. Not to mention I really didn't know how or where to start. Chris changed all that. With a nutrition plan to jumpstart my journey and regular training sessions, I became happier and more confident with the changes I was seeing. Chris's coaching and motivation introduced me to my new normal, where fitness is a staple in my life."
wellness zone testimonial traci
Traci Konowal
Mom, CRE Professional,
Fitness Enthusiast
"I began workout out at the Wellness Zone nearly four years ago. I wanted to lose weight and have tried almost every diet there is. A friend was working out with Chris and had fabulous results so that brought me here. I was determined to lose weight and stay fit taking the healthy approach instead of a fad diet. It was amazing the inches I lost. Chris works with you to develop a diet and exercise plan to reach your goals. I like the fact that you are not just working with weights. There is a lot of stretching, band and TRX exercises built into your workout. My family is now working out at the Wellness Zone and loving it. Thank you Chris and the rest of the team for making this a regular routine for the Fink family!"
wellness zone testimonial maureen
Maureen Fink
Wife, Mom, Daughter,
Business owner, Traveler
"Christopher at the Wellness Zone has been my personal trainer for quite a while. With his help and guidance I have lost 75 pounds in a healthy way. He really listened to my concerns and created a personal workout routine that catered to my needs. I am around 50 years old, so I needed a different workout regimen than someone in their 20's. Don't get me wrong, my workouts are intense, but he planned the workouts knowing I have a desk job (lots of stretching in addition to weight bearing exercises) and being sensitive to my bad shoulder (rehab routines). I have never known another personal trainer with this level of care and coaching. I am in the best shape of my life. I feel so alive thanks to the Wellness Zone."
wellness zone testimonial mark n
Mark Niedermann
Husband, Father, Engineer,
Outdoor Enthusiast
"I started working out at the Wellness Zone shortly after the birth of my 3rd son. I knew I needed to get strong and stay fit to keep up with my busy boys. Now, seventeen years later, I can honestly say being a client at the Wellness Zone has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Not only have I kept physically fit over the years with their great personalized workouts but I have gained valuable knowledge about nutrition and wellness. Thank you Christopher and the Wellness Zone for all you have done to keep me happy, healthy and active."
wellness zone testimonial julie
Julie Burrow
Wife, Mom, Sister,
Golf, Tennis, Philanthropist
"How do you put a price on your health? I started my fitnesss journey in early 2016 after being inspired by a friend who attended Wellness Zone and seeing his results firsthand. After an initial consultation with Chris Rao, we set up a nutrition and workout plan that I could stick to. With the correct tools in place and a personal trainer who knows my ups and downs (and holds me accountable) I am now in the best shape of my life! There is no age limit on getting fit. My only wish is that I had done it sooner. It is truly the best investment I have ever made."
wellness zone testimonial scott
Scott Williams
Outdoor Enthusiast, Golfer,
"I met with Chris at Wellness Zone four or five years ago. I had multiple medical conditions, was overweight and had no idea what to do to be healthy. I had never exercised in my life and was overwhelmed by not only the need but the how. Chris has walked me through every step of every workout so that I am working at a safe pace but still seeing results, even working around various injuries. He has been a constant guide in my diet and lifestyle. I now look forward to each workout and feel stronger and healthier than ever before."
wellness zone testimonial susan
Susan Finster
Wife, Mom, Professional, Pet Lover
"Christopher transformed a close family friend of ours which is how I found him to work with my mom. After interviewing him and finding he has a holistic philosophy that is conducive with all types of people and goals, I signed up my mom to work with him. He has built her confidence level in more ways than just physically. Her chronic pain has decreased and her happiness has increased."
wellness zone testimonial alex

Alex Linn &
Elizabeth Linn
Son, Brother, Entrepreneur, Friend, Adventurer

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Philanthropist
"I have known Chris Rao for over 15 years. Three times a week I visit the Wellness Zone and am always pleased that I got myself up early to workout because throughout the day it provides me clarity and a healthy foundation for the day. Through Chris's knowledge of the industry and his ability to see how my body responds to our workouts, I have been able to attain my best; both physically and mentally. I strongly recommend Chris and the team to anyone consider path towards health and balance in their life. "
wellness zone testimonial gavin
Gavin Ford
Son, Brother, Real Estate
Agent, Angler
"The results speak for themselves with my experience with the talented staff at the Wellness Zone. I went from 215 lbs and 20% body fat to 195 lbs and 8% body fat but more importantly they instilled the importance of wellness into my overall lifestyle. With their patience, guidance, and expertise in training techniques, I have been able to push through the inevitable valleys that come with any new endeavor and the wisdom to stay humble and prepare for the next challenge ahead. Wellness will forever be a part of my life because of them."
wellness zone testimonial jerry
Jerry Fink
Son, Brother, Friend, Businessman, Sports Enthusiast
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