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Clients Share Success

"After a back injury left me unable to continue the active lifestyle I once led, I knew I needed to change things. I had never weight trained, and frankly was intimidated by it, but after meeting with Chris I decided to give it a try. After 6 months I met my goals and have maintained them for 15 months, But most importantly, I'm back to the active lifestyle I love! Thanks Wellness Zone for your patience and support this past year."
wellness zone testimonial luann
Luann B.
Wife, Mom, Nurse, Tennis Player
"I've been exercising over the last 17 years at the Wellness Zone with Nick Rao. I look forward to these sessions every week because the rewards, both physically and emotionally, are huge! My primary care physician always comments on the perfect blood pressure, Nick is really fun, and I like how I feel when I look in the mirror. Nick trains for your life functionality, so I am aways pleased when I bend over easily to pick up something, reach up in a cupboard and stand up from a chair without struggling. I am a happy exerciser!"
wellness zone testimonial margie
Margie Pabst
Wife, Friend, Philanthropist, Traveler, Performing Arts
"The Wellness Zone isn't just a gym, it's a result-driven team of experts committed to your fitness journey. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, become a better athlete, or recover from an injury, the trainers can adjust your exercise routine and nutrition program to help you get there. After breaking my collar bone, Alex was patient and methodical. He worked with me to regain mobility and strength throughout my recovery and now I am in better shape than ever."
wellness zone testimonial kaley
Kaley Kallman
Daughter, Sister, Friend, Entrepreneur, Adventurer

Three Proven Services

personal training

How well does your body move? Think about it, carefully.  Many fitness programs promote weight loss, muscle gain, a better body, etc. We also recognize those goals as important. However, in terms of quality of life, there is a far more important goal, and that is optimizing your body’s ability to function. If you succeed at enhancing your body on the outside but do damage beneath the surface in the process, what have you truly achieved? We strongly recommend that you focus on body performance. Our “Move Well” personal training program ensures superior results in performance and appearance.

man woman trx workout


Food is to be enjoyed. Certainly there is a degree of discipline in consumption of food, both quality and quantity, but when we strike the right balance of pleasure and control, nutrition plans are sustainable and can become automatic. A key component to success is finding the right balance for YOU. As individuals, our circumstances are unique. Your approach to food, if it is to serve you well, must take personal preferences into account.  Our “Eat Well” guidance plan focuses on you and your lifestyle while building a sound foundation of purposeful and pleasurable eating for a lifetime of enjoyment.  

food fitness celebration


Living well is an art and science. Happiness is a perpetual pursuit rather than final destination. Overcoming challenges and celebrating successes are inherent in life’s journey, as one cannot exist without the other. Our proactive coaching strives to forecast potential obstacles for efficient goal achievement. Our problem-solving methods focus on gaining clarity through distinguishing perception versus reality for swift resolution. Family, friends and mentors can be a terrific source of guidance. Our “Live Well” coaching program is a source of insight and an adjunct to your core support system.

girl dog beach fitness

PROGRAMS AND PRICING: We offer a variety of program and pricing options with the goal of making our services available to everyone. During your complimentary consultation, we learn about your needs and goals, and you learn about us. If you decide Wellness Zone is the right fitness partner for you, we will custom design a program based on your budget and availability. The first step is the consultation.

Meet Your Team

chris bio

Chris Rao

founder, coach

Be strong. Be grateful. Be kind. I do my best to live by those three principles. Pursuing my passion for fitness led to discovering my purpose. Helping others achieve goals beyond what they believe is possible is what I do and it drives my daily motivation. If you have a goal that seems out of reach or one that has eluded you in the past, let’s talk. Well-being is the foundation to achieving meaningful success, so that’s where we will begin. I am confident that with a fit mind and body,  the right strategy and a strong support team, success will be your ultimate outcome. On my days away from Wellness Zone, although I am never too far, you can find me on the water chasing dreams only boating, fishing and the great outdoors can bring to life. 

nick bio

Nick Rao

partner, pt
director of operations

My career path as a personal trainer began long before I realized. As a freshman in high school, my brother and I received a gym membership as a gift from our Uncle Warren. We have been partners in fitness ever since, first as workout partners, eventually becoming Wellness Zone business partners. Helping people achieve a better quality of life through fitness is a dream career for me. Every client is unique and requires individualized attention to maximize results. My approach is to customize workout routines based on your specific needs, priorities and lifestyle. I also work hard to accommodate my clients’  busy schedules. On a personal note, my daughter Chelsea is my greatest motivation. 

alex bio

Alex Trujillo

Exercise science, bs
director of human performance

As a health care provider, I believe in putting the power of health in your hands. People deserve to know how to proactively care for their body on a performance, health, and pain management basis. That’s where I come in; it is far simpler to prevent than it is to treat. My approach is two-fold: I train and I teach. I train based on a thorough assessment to ensure realistic goals are met. I teach to be proactive rather than reactive with health. Growing up, fitness meant excelling as an athlete. Today, I focus on life performance and longevity. Whether it’s running with my dogs, playing sports, traveling, or anything else that enjoying an active lifestyle throws my way, I’m ready. Let’s prepare you to be ready for anything. 

jesse bio

Jesse Albert

director of wellness

The potential of a dedicated and well-equipped individual is truly endless. However, no matter the situation, hope and expectations are too often met with limiting factors. Those related to physical ability or self-efficacy become pivotal in the ability to live life to the fullest capacity. Therein lives my drive to be a resource in minimizing the limitations to live well, long and fully. I am humbled and in awe of each individual’s story, as well as the immense return found in investment of personal wellness. My personal balance and well-being is a commitment to lifelong learning, keeping active with my dogs, spending time with loved ones, and being close to the water. I so look forward to learning your story and achieving our highest aspirations together. 

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