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One thing we all have in common is that training must be shaped to our own individual needs and way of life. Here are a few situations that require distinctly different training strategies:

The sedentary, overweight child.
An executive in a high-stress professional environment.
A woman balancing the role of mother/wife/homemaker.
The single mom juggling parenting and career.
A student managing the pressures of academic life.
The athlete striving to achieve a personal best.
A senior citizen seeking to improve the quality of life.

One size does not fit all.

The point here is that when it comes to training, we all need it, but we all need it a little differently. Your success depends on your personal trainer’s ability to design a program that is relevant to who you are and your way of life.

We encourage you to look for the following qualities in a personal trainer: knowledge, experience, a positive track record, and most important, a caring heart. Find a personal trainer who feels as strongly about your goals as you do, and you’ve found the right partner.

At the Wellness Zone, we’re that kind of partner.

Contact us for a complete information about our 4-Week Train Well Programs listed below.

Active Lifestyle Personal Training

Our 4-Week Train Well Programs begin at $300.

Youth Active Lifestyle Training

Children and teenagers are more sedentary than ever before. This program is our way of combating adolescent obesity. We offer this program to individuals and to small youth groups.

Mind & Body Athletic Training

Some athletes seek greatness at the professional level. Others strive to be strong players and team contributors in high school and college. To succeed, athletes must prepare the mind and body. This program helps to achieve that goal, and is offered to individuals and small groups.