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Only one person holds the secret formula to your happiness, fulfillment, and living well. That person is you. We help you discover your unique formula.

Ultimately, you will define what "living well" means in your life, but first things first. Start by understanding that, as a human being, you need to tend to four components – your heart, body, mind and soul. We help you understand each area's absolute needs.

Your heart's absolute need is love.
Your body's absolute needs are movement and nourishment.
Your mind's absolute need is knowledge.
Your soul's absolute need is inner peace.

How do we get our absolute needs?
Let's answer some questions.

Q: How does your heart get love?
A: By giving love.

Q: How does your body get movement and nourishment?
A: By exercising regularly and eating properly.

Q: How does your mind get knowledge?
A: By learning. Teach yourself or be taught. Learn something new as often as possible.

Q: How does your soul get inner peace?
A: Let's answer that question with a question: What gives you peace and calms your mind? If you don't know, it's very important to discover what works for you.

We have stimulated some healthy thinking. Try framing your personal definition of living well. Remember, your definition is specific to who you are. It should fit you like a glove.

If you're stumped, we recommend digging a little deeper into your life. Explore to discover. Our MySIPP Meaningful Life Program may be right for you. It's part of our life counseling offering. MySIPP is short for My Story, Identity, Purpose, & Plan. It's a unique program that calls on you to be your own counselor because you are the person who truly knows yourself best.

This exploration is inspiring, but can also be challenging, so you'll need a partner-facilitator. That's the Wellness Zone's role. You will discover some real treasures that will help lead the way to your best living-well life.

The MySIPP Meaningful Life Program is currently in formation. If you would to pre-register, please contact us.

Live Well Life Counseling

Our MySIPP Meaningful Life Program. MySIPP is an short for My Story, Identity, Purpose, and Plan. It's a unique self-counseling program with partner-facilitator support.