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What does it mean to Eat Well? The better question is, What does it mean for you to eat well? This is because eating well is specific to your individual needs and lifestyle. It’s likely your guidelines for eating well and your friend's guidelines are markedly different.

At the Wellness Zone, we believe it is just as satisfying to eat healthy as it is to eat poorly. Our nutrition counselors will prove that to you.

Through our 3-Step Eat Well Nutrition Program, we will lead you to a life of eating well and pleasurably.

The three steps include:

  1. An assessment of your current dietary habits.
  2. A lifestyle analysis and body composition evaluation to optimize your nutrition plan.
  3. Meal planning based on your dietary needs, including a personalized menu.

The effectiveness of our Eat Well program is a credit to the counseling and on-going support of our nutrition counselors. They lead by example and will find a way to make eating well an enjoyable part of your life.

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Eat Well Nutrition Counseling

Our 3-Step Eat Well Nutrition Program is $304.