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We live in an ever changing world. As we continue to make "progress",
one thing remains constant, that’s our pursuit of happiness.

Regardless of our circumstances, we have the power to change. True
happiness is only a decision away. Decide to invest in yourself – to
sharpen your mind, strengthen your body, listen to your heart and
nurture your soul.

The Wellness Zone's mission is to make living well universally achievable.
You have my personal commitment that we will remain true to our mission
in our partnership with you. I am grateful for the trust, time and talent of
the Wellness Zone associates, as it is their commitment to our mission,
coupled with our clients’ belief in us that is the foundation of our success.

Christopher Rao

Ps: In the background on this page I am enjoying my favorite pastime – fishing. The other two pictures illustrate the pleasure I get from introducing somebody new to the wonderful sport. I’m sharing this with you for an important reason. At the Wellness Zone, we've learned that sharing our passions with each other motivates us to take better care of ourselves. So I ask you, "What are you passionate about?"

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